Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

So I received many pattern books that I have wanted for a long time. It's insane because there are so many beautiful things I want to make RIGHT NOW but I can't cause I have other things to finish...cue the Benny saying " blanket..." And so I came home tonight and worked like mad on his blanket. I'm determined to get my WIPs (work in progresses) finished asap so that I can start making some of these beautiful patterns. I have SO MANY PLANS!!! My brain will explode with them all. So I need to put the books away for now so as to not tempt myself to start new projects, and finish the ones I've got going. I'm squealing over these patterns, and I'll keep this posted once I start them. For now, here's my progress. Watching some DR WHO and sometimes forgetting to keep crocheting. lol. oh well...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just Checking in...

So I wanted to put another project on my needles, and Ben said "Um Mommy...I really want my flash blanket..." and the puppy dog eyes came out and so I went back to working on his blanket. Wow. Can't even work on whatever I want to when I want to. At least not until I finish his blanket. Haha. Oh well, back to work!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I've been sidetracked

So I promised my brother I would send him ear warmers.  I knit this one up for him. Chris says it looks like a bra. The side things are supposed to cup your ears to ensure they stay warm. It may not be pretty, but it's certainly functional. I'll get back to Ben's blanket soon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Feet are Done!

I haven't been able to work at it as often as I like,  but I'm still chugging along. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Things are Looking Good

Well I had a long day of work and did all I could. I hope my colors work for the shadowing on the feet. This is the only other yellow color I have. Here's today's work. I have 14 skeins/bobbins going right now:

My single day progress won't be as high over the next week as I have more time on the weekend to work. But this is good progress for the first day. Ben is super excited to see how far I am. It sure goes pretty fast in general. I'd say I get somewhere between 4 or 5 rows done in an a straight hour's time. But I don't usually get to work for an hour straight. I'm a mother after all. Well, I've got to get some kind of sleep tonight.

Hug some yarn for me!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Progress Update 1

So I thought I'd explain a bit on how the graphghan project is done. First, I need to find a picture to use. I've done that and I have actually already graphed it with the PCStitch program, although the correct procedure is to do a swatch in the technique I'll be using so that I know how many stitches per inch my gauge will be. Then I would normally do the graph in whatever size most fits my gauge and final required size.

But I skipped my gauge because I was excited to get started. So technically I graphed two options, and I'll do the gauge and then choose whichever graph fits it best. Or, I'll have to make a new one. You can see why it's better to do a swatch first. Anyway, I was allowed to go to Joann's and buy some bright yellow yarn since I don't have any yellow appropriate for the flash. I had a coupon so I got 3 skeins for $6. Not the best price, but better than the regular price of 3 for $9.I have all of the rest of the colors. 

I still need to decide on what color I want the background to be. The graphed background is a light sage color so that the graph is easy to see, but I don't know if I want to keep it that color. I'm planning on doing it in the tunisian stitch, with a border of honeycomb stitches to keep it from curling up. It also looks nice and removes the need to do a border after it's done. Doing a swatch lets me practice the techniques I'm going to use so that I can see what problems rise up, or see how many rows of such-and-such to do. 

For example,  here is my Gauge swatch:

You can see that the border of honeycomb is off. This is because I tested 4 rows for the bottom, 4 rows for the right side, and 2 rows for the left side and top. I can say now, seeing them both that I personally prefer at least a 4 row border all around. Also, I do like the border being the same color as the background of the graph; but I have seen them done in different colors, and that also looks good. So I'll need to make a decision on that one. 

Next on my list is to figure out my gauge from my swatch, and use that to build a graph. I measured only the stitches inside the border. With that, I get 11 sts to 3.5 inches, or 3.14 sts per inch for my width. The small version of the graph I made is 100 x 153 squares. I need to cross multiply, and my equation becomes 100= 3.14x, or x=100/3.14 for my width, which comes out to 31.84 or to round up, 32" wide. For my height I get 12 rows to 4" which comes out to 3 rows per inch. The equation is 153=3x, which comes out to 51" Tall. Now that doesn't mean much until we factor in something for scale. 

A twin bed (like the one ben sleeps on) is 39" wide and 75" tall. Now lets say that we take away 1/4 of the height to allow for a pillow and head. That would make the bed where his body lays (and which he would be using a blanket with) about 56". My blanket would cover all but 7" of the width and 5" of the height. Now, with 4 rows of a border I'd get an extra 2.5" all around. For the width, if I do an 11 row border, I'd get an extra 7". For the height, I would need only 8 rows to get my extra 5". Then my final blanket would be about 39" wide and 56" tall. Perfect. 

You may think this is boring if you aren't interested in this craft yourself. But I wanted to illustrate the process. By doing my swatch, I found out that in order for my end cap on the left side of the blanket to look nice, I need to make sure I have an extra regular tunisian stitch to keep it uniform. That means that I need have 11 sts of border, then the chart sts, then 11 sts of border, and then the 2 end cap sts to keep it looking nice. 

I can estimate the total number of sts with this information. With the border, I will have 124 x 169 (with the two extra cast on and off rows) sts, giving me 20,956 sts total for this blanket. The only thing I haven't been able to estimate (mostly because I haven't needed to) is how much yarn I will need. I have a large stash of worsted weight yarn so I am fine as long as I have the color I need. I guess I could do an estimate by weighing my swatch and calculating it all out, but I'm too lazy. 

So there you have it. That's the process for getting started with a graphghan. Knowing your technique, and yarn help a lot too. Also, I need to make sure I have all of the bobbins I need. When I look at my chart, the most times I change color in one row is 13 so I need at least 13 bobbins. I have that more than covered, so I'm good. Well, I believe that is all the info I need to get started. I'm going to go pick out some skeins of yarn, and wind them up into yarn cakes. 

Hug some yarn for me!


Update: I have my yarn cakes ready:

I decided to do the background in blue, and you'll notice that my graph colors are off cause my yellow ink is broken. It's full, just not coming out no matter what I do.

And I picked the border colors:

This is just a test picture so I can see them together. Yay!
Project page on Ravelry.

Friday, November 14, 2014

There's a purpose to all this madness I swear it!

Alrighty, well I decided to go ahead and start this blog thing that I've been planning for a long time now. Don't expect regularity or anything particularly special, but the purpose is to show my crochet or knitting projects and progress, and stuff. I'll post pictures on stuff, or whatever. I haven't really planned it all out. Also, don't judge a project by it's progress. The finished bit is best.

Here are my current projects:

Cabled Knitting class blanket from Creativebug:

Hope to be finished by: Whenever

C2C (corner to corner) Argyle Graphghan for a baby boy:

Pattern is mine, made the graph myself.
Hope to be finished by: Whenever

Variagated Argyle Rainbow Bag:

Technique from the Crochet Dynamite: Argyle Crochet book.
Hope to be finished by: No Hurry Just for fun

I am getting ready to do a Tunisian graphghan for Ben.
I made the graph myself from a cool Lego The Flash Drawing. Props and copyright go to the artist. I just graphed it.

And then I'm doing some more 49ers hats soon, will post when I have progress pics.

Hug some yarn for me! (Am I the only one who does that?)