Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

So I received many pattern books that I have wanted for a long time. It's insane because there are so many beautiful things I want to make RIGHT NOW but I can't cause I have other things to finish...cue the Benny saying " blanket..." And so I came home tonight and worked like mad on his blanket. I'm determined to get my WIPs (work in progresses) finished asap so that I can start making some of these beautiful patterns. I have SO MANY PLANS!!! My brain will explode with them all. So I need to put the books away for now so as to not tempt myself to start new projects, and finish the ones I've got going. I'm squealing over these patterns, and I'll keep this posted once I start them. For now, here's my progress. Watching some DR WHO and sometimes forgetting to keep crocheting. lol. oh well...

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