Friday, November 14, 2014

There's a purpose to all this madness I swear it!

Alrighty, well I decided to go ahead and start this blog thing that I've been planning for a long time now. Don't expect regularity or anything particularly special, but the purpose is to show my crochet or knitting projects and progress, and stuff. I'll post pictures on stuff, or whatever. I haven't really planned it all out. Also, don't judge a project by it's progress. The finished bit is best.

Here are my current projects:

Cabled Knitting class blanket from Creativebug:

Hope to be finished by: Whenever

C2C (corner to corner) Argyle Graphghan for a baby boy:

Pattern is mine, made the graph myself.
Hope to be finished by: Whenever

Variagated Argyle Rainbow Bag:

Technique from the Crochet Dynamite: Argyle Crochet book.
Hope to be finished by: No Hurry Just for fun

I am getting ready to do a Tunisian graphghan for Ben.
I made the graph myself from a cool Lego The Flash Drawing. Props and copyright go to the artist. I just graphed it.

And then I'm doing some more 49ers hats soon, will post when I have progress pics.

Hug some yarn for me! (Am I the only one who does that?)


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