Monday, November 30, 2015

Shawls and Class

Well, it's been a busy few months. I've been working on finishing some shawls for the ladies at church to use, and I've been teaching!

First, one of my finished shawls:

It is a spider stitch shawl, and it ended up half the size of my king size bed. I used a soft baby yarn, and it's really cozy.

Next is my class:

I put it up on and it is a free class with a free pattern I wrote myself. It's made for beginners, but a veteran to crochet would still have a really fun time making this afghan. Here's the link to my class:

I'm excited to be teaching something that I truly love, and I hope many people complete the class in the future so that they to can reap the benefits of crochet.


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Crocodile Stitch Mermaid Lap Blanket

Here it is in all its glory:

I really loved doing this blanket. It was fast because each color row I have to cut the yarn and do a new color per row, and I liked being able to do a row and feel accomplished by finishing it, and so I felt like it moved really fast. Which it did anyway. Even though the crocodile stitch is a bit of a yarn eater, the whole blanket is done in mostly just double crochet stitches, (tail is half-double crochet), and so it goes so very fast. Using different colors helped too. I was able to use up a skein of red that was manufactured by walmart years ago, and is out of production. One skein isn't much so I didn't have anything to use it on. This blanket was perfect. I used up the whole skein, and even had a small thread left. A good project for using up a skein when you can't find it to purchase more.

It came out really soft, and very warm. I really like the idea. Hope you do to!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Green Lantern Blanket

Well I finally finished it. Luke's Green Lantern blanket is done:

And a back pic:

And one more from the front: 


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pink Argyle and Green Cable Knit Blanket


The top picture is another corner to corner done in my argyle pattern, which was a paid commission. Below, is the knit blanket I finally completed for the Creativebug class on cables. I opted for a single crochet border around each square, with a flat braid join, and two rows of single crochet in the back loops around the outside to compete it. I'm happy with it, and I'll be keeping it I think. The hours put into the blanket first knitting and then assembling, and all of the blocking is too priceless to be given away. I'm almost halfway on Luke's Green Lantern blanket, so that is my next project.

Hug some Yarn for me!


Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Luke's Turn

Well, back to work. My wrist and thumb tendon have been very pained. I found out that it was De Quervain's Syndrome, a form of tendonitis. I found this nice lady on you tube who is a physical therapist. She called it Blackberry Thumb, and the pain in the wrist was caused by texting neck. Both are also caused by crocheting. The problem was, I was spending too many hours doing it all at once. So I have been doing the exercises she recommends, and have been easing my pain. I even tentatively tried crocheting for an hour, and had no additional pain, so I am content. I've been working on Luke's graph for his blanket. Here it is:

Luke loves it, and it's all our design together. So he's encouraging me to get started on it immediately. I say encouraging, but really it's more like "Mommy get started on it now, you need to get the yarn". Haha. Oh well. If it makes him happy, I'm fine.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Grenoble Matelasse

Melissa commissioned a baby blanket and hat, and I used the Grenoble Matelasse pattern:

And, before that I made Kyle a birthday present:

And before that I made Aurora her birthday present:

And then I hurt my wrist so I can't crochet for a few days. Boo.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lille Matelasse

I debated posting this early, because it's a gift, but I figure even if she does see it, it will just be a nice preview. This is for my friend Tyra's baby shower. It's called the Lille Matelasse circular baby blanket:

It was pretty fun to do, but just to give you an idea on the size, the final rounds were 576 stitches. The diameter is somewhere around 39 inches across, and it used almost two full skeins of Lion Brand pound of love yarn. So almost 2 lbs of yarn. It was pretty fun though, so I had a good time doing it.

I'll be doing Luke's green lantern graphghan next, and then one for Chris.

Hug some yarn for me!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blue Argyle Baby Blanket

Well I decided to just wash and dry the blanket instead of blocking it first, so here it is, all finished:

 I will probably put in a full informative tutorial on it soon, but not right now.

Also, here is the SF Giants logo graph hat all finished:

I ended up using a G hook and all fpdc stitches to do it and make the sides clean looking.

Hug some yarn for me!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sf Giants Hat

So, and update is in order since I last posted. Let's see. I finished the Argyle baby blanket, but I won't post a picture until I've blocked it and washed and dried it. The 49ers hats have been finished and delivered, and here is the pic:

I also made a 1920s Cloche for Allie's play:

I've also started learning the Interlocking Crochet technique, that I pick up and do once in a while:

And...I have also started making a San Francisco Giants hat for my friend using the Camel Stitch:

All in all, I'm still keeping busy and having fun. 

Hug some yarn for me!