Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blue Argyle Baby Blanket

Well I decided to just wash and dry the blanket instead of blocking it first, so here it is, all finished:

 I will probably put in a full informative tutorial on it soon, but not right now.

Also, here is the SF Giants logo graph hat all finished:

I ended up using a G hook and all fpdc stitches to do it and make the sides clean looking.

Hug some yarn for me!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sf Giants Hat

So, and update is in order since I last posted. Let's see. I finished the Argyle baby blanket, but I won't post a picture until I've blocked it and washed and dried it. The 49ers hats have been finished and delivered, and here is the pic:

I also made a 1920s Cloche for Allie's play:

I've also started learning the Interlocking Crochet technique, that I pick up and do once in a while:

And...I have also started making a San Francisco Giants hat for my friend using the Camel Stitch:

All in all, I'm still keeping busy and having fun. 

Hug some yarn for me!