Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Luke's Turn

Well, back to work. My wrist and thumb tendon have been very pained. I found out that it was De Quervain's Syndrome, a form of tendonitis. I found this nice lady on you tube who is a physical therapist. She called it Blackberry Thumb, and the pain in the wrist was caused by texting neck. Both are also caused by crocheting. The problem was, I was spending too many hours doing it all at once. So I have been doing the exercises she recommends, and have been easing my pain. I even tentatively tried crocheting for an hour, and had no additional pain, so I am content. I've been working on Luke's graph for his blanket. Here it is:

Luke loves it, and it's all our design together. So he's encouraging me to get started on it immediately. I say encouraging, but really it's more like "Mommy get started on it now, you need to get the yarn". Haha. Oh well. If it makes him happy, I'm fine.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Grenoble Matelasse

Melissa commissioned a baby blanket and hat, and I used the Grenoble Matelasse pattern:

And, before that I made Kyle a birthday present:

And before that I made Aurora her birthday present:

And then I hurt my wrist so I can't crochet for a few days. Boo.