Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Luke's Turn

Well, back to work. My wrist and thumb tendon have been very pained. I found out that it was De Quervain's Syndrome, a form of tendonitis. I found this nice lady on you tube who is a physical therapist. She called it Blackberry Thumb, and the pain in the wrist was caused by texting neck. Both are also caused by crocheting. The problem was, I was spending too many hours doing it all at once. So I have been doing the exercises she recommends, and have been easing my pain. I even tentatively tried crocheting for an hour, and had no additional pain, so I am content. I've been working on Luke's graph for his blanket. Here it is:

Luke loves it, and it's all our design together. So he's encouraging me to get started on it immediately. I say encouraging, but really it's more like "Mommy get started on it now, you need to get the yarn". Haha. Oh well. If it makes him happy, I'm fine.

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