Monday, February 22, 2016

Shawls and Blankets galore!

I've finished two more shawls for the ladies at church. First up is the crocodile shawl I made:

Then is the Drop stitch shawl I knitted:

I also threw together a few squares I had laying around for a patchwork lap blanket. Knitted and crocheted squares just slip stitched together. It's pretty ugly, but will keep them warm while the AC is blowing:

Last is Wendy's baby shower gift. Grumpy Bear:

Yes I know it's obvious I added rows to the sides but my math skills have never been super, so I needed more width.

Currently, I'm playing around with mosaic crochet and working on what I hope will be my first design for a book on the subject. I don't want to put up a pic just yet, but maybe soon I'll post a teaser. That's all for now. Hug some yarn for me!