Thursday, February 16, 2017

Back Again

Well it's been a year since my last post. I'm trying to remember all of the things I finished during that time. Lets see:

I'll start with the Southwestern Mosaic Cross Throw I wrote up a pattern for

Pattern Here:

Then there was the Turtle Tracks Blanket from a pattern in a magazine:

I charted a filet blanket called Eternal Hearts, and put up the chart on ravelry

Chart Here:

I also finally finished up my original design called Raspberry Pi Mosaic Throw:

Pattern Here:

Next up is the Beautiful Shells blanket Pattern from Ravelry:

After that was the Carpenter's Wheel C2C throw from a group on facebook:

I put together a blanket from panels of Interlocking Crochet from Tanis Galik's book:

I made up a blanket from the full star stitch:

I made a cool hat for Luke from slip stitches from a pattern on you tube:

Using the same pattern as a base, I also made Benny a Pikachu hat:

Then when I was playing around with the waistcoat stitch, I made a hat with a slip stitch brim:

Phew! I think that covers last year, and everything up to now that's finished. I'm currently working on a bobble stitch blanket I designed. 

But I ran out of the dark green, so I had to stop until I buy more. 

I also finally picked up a knitting project again. It's the mosaic welsh blanket from Debbie Bliss:

Hug some Yarn for me!


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